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Over this past weekend, M & K went to a Hunger Games themed birthday party! Our friend Angie likes to go all out for her birthdays, and this year the date happened to coincide with the new Hunger Games movie. A big group of us went to see the movie together (it was, on the whole, terrific), and then we got dressed up in costumes for the party. The birthday girl was Katniss, and her husband colored in his beard to be Seneca Crane. M went as Haymitch, reusing his Kurt Cobain wig and really acting the part by carrying two flasks around all night. K dressed as Venia, one of Katniss’ prep team - described in the books as having aqua hair and gold tattoos. Several people showed up as citizens of the Capital, just wearing as many bright colors and outlandish things as possible, while others came as tributes, having modeled their costumes on the outfits in the movie. There was even someone who came as a tracker jacker! We had a great time, as we always do when spending time with friends. And K was pretty proud of her costume and makeup, when all was said and done!

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Happy Hundred Years, BBB!

K got to go to a party this month celebrating the centennial of her employer, the Better Business Bureau. Held at the New Children’s Museum downtown, the event was an evening of live music, delicious food and drink, and costumes - in a nod to the era in which the BBB got its start, the party was 20s themed. We had a photo booth with lots of props; the live band was a big band featuring our CEO on trombone; and the cash bar was tucked into the “barn” portion of the museum to mimic a speakeasy. Everyone in attendance had a great time, including all of the employees (several of whom are pictured below)!

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Happy 2012! K got back home from the east coast on the afternoon of December 31st, and after zoning out for several hours, she and M were ready to ring in the new year and at the same time celebrate a year of friendship with all of the people we met last year at the same party! Not to mention new relationships forged since then. We laughed, we danced, we sang, we toasted - and then we both were sick with bad colds for the next few weeks. Ah, well. The whole wonderful holiday season was totally worth it.

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White Elephant!

Early in December, we went to a friend’s White Elephant party. It was K’s first real White Elephant experience, and she was determined to do it right. SO, she shoved a bunch of leftover Halloween candy (still good!) into a vase we haven’t used in years, grabbed some never-used foil muffin tins and party napkins, and wrapped it all up. Meanwhile, M snagged Chia Pet Obama - a worthy submission indeed. In the end? We wound up with only one gift that went to the donation pile: a truly creepy “welcome” sign (modeled below by the cutest baby ever and his dad, both of whom are instantly creepy by association):

The rest of our takeaway was most excellent (wine! Fantasia 2000! a model cow! did we mention wine?), and we’re pretty sure that the people who ended up with our gifts were happy, too!

Plus, the entertainment for the evening was none other than an elf-hat-wearing toddler who, appropriately enough, toddled around with it while we opened gifts.

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After our afternoon in Julian, we had another (slightly belated) Halloween party to go to! Our friends Christy and Danny had been on vacation when the other party took place, so they decided to host another costume party — because it’s always fun to dress up. So, M & K got all dolled up in our costumes from our days singing with Camerata Musica in Maryland, grabbed a Julian apple pie to take along, and enjoyed another fantastic night hanging out with friends, all of us in costumes that seemed to get crazier and crazier wherever we looked. We had He-Man and She-Ra, characters from Futurama, a unicorn, MacGruber, and even Cap’n Crunch. It was pretty ridiculous - and pretty awesome.

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K Birthday Shenanigans

This year was the big quarter century birthday for K, and we definitely celebrated appropriately! K’s birthday was on a Saturday (always a nice bonus) and so the fun times lasted all weekend. Friday, K was surprised at work (okay, not really surprised, they do it for everyone, but still) when she came back from lunch to find a birthday decor explosion at her desk!

Friday evening after work, we met up with our friend Angie to check in for the next morning’s 5K and pick up some running gear (happy birthday to K), and then we had dinner together to celebrate before the next morning.That night, although we went to bed early, we were rudely awakened in the middle of the night by fire alarms somehow triggered by a power outage… but we did manage to get back to sleep, and the next morning we were ready and excited for the race! It was Halloween themed (in that there was a costume contest), so although M wasn’t costumed, K threw on her devil horns to complete the running ensemble — but neither of us held a candle to Angie and her pup, who came as Dorothy and Toto in an awesome getup!

It was K’s very first 5K, and our training had been somewhat derailed by some knee problems and unexpected travel, so when it came time to run, K had never run more than 1.5 miles without stopping before. However, on Saturday morning, she made it a full 2 miles before having to stop and walk for a bit! Although the original goal had been to run the full distance, given the training fiasco just the 2 miles straight was a huge accomplishment. And we all finished running and got our well-deserved medals — even little “Toto”!

When we got home late that morning, as a birthday treat, M cooked K an epic brunch and she got to open her fabulous presents, and we rewarded ourselves for that morning’s effort with some relaxation before that night’s multiple-birthday/Halloween costume party.

The party’s theme was pop stars and zombies (because those two things go together so naturally), and all of the costumes were pretty amazing. M had a fun idea for ours, to take advantage of both themes at once: he went as “zombie Kurt Cobain” and K went as “zombie Amy Winehouse” (too soon? too bad). Here are some pre-zombification pictures:

And post-zombie, featuring 80s pop star:

Also at the party were Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears (with KFed and son, and another kid on the way!), Tiffany, Elvis, zombie Michael Jackson, and the most realistic zombie of the night, zombie In-N-Out dude. We listened to Halloween music, watched Nightmare Before Christmas and Zombieland, ate yummy food, and drank plenty of adult beverages, of course. It was a lot of fun!

The next day, Sunday, K and her friend Ali went on a foodie tour of San Diego - specifically, of Coronado Island. We sampled food at several different restaurants, tasted olive oils and vinegars at a local olive oil company, and tried freshly made salted caramels at a little candy store. It was time well spent, we had a lot of fun! And since Ali’s birthday is also in October, it was a nice way for the two of us to celebrate one another together.

A few days later, the birthday celebrations continued with dinner with friends at the Cheesecake Factory. Funny to think that when we lived in Maryland, before we were living in such a “foodie” city, the Cheesecake Factory was one of our favorite places to eat — now it’s way far down the list, behind all of our favorite local (non-chain) restaurants. But it is still a favorite, and we hadn’t been there to eat since before we moved out here, so it was fun to go back! Plus, K got fun birthday dessert.

25 years old - huzzah!

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A Wedding in October

As mentioned in our last post, we were a bit overbooked on the Saturday that our friends Sarah and Reed were here, in that we had a wedding to go to! Two of our new, but already dear, friends were married on October 15th at Sunset Cliffs. It was one of the sweetest, most beautiful and joyful ceremonies we’ve yet witnessed: a pure celebration of love. There are too many amazing pictures to even attempt to include in one blog post, so I’ll just give a brief sampling from the lovely ceremony on the cliffs and, of course, the awesome party afterward, which took place at a saloon in Old Town!

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Go Pack!

The first few weeks of February saw good times with new friends. First, K enjoyed a laid-back girls’ night of the kind she hadn’t had since, well, high school: complete with brownies, bruschetta, and all sorts of other tasty treats, and of course plenty of girl talk! Oh, and wine. Can’t forget the wine.

That’s K with new friend Jamie, who is apparently enjoying K’s silly faces as she chows down on yummy snacks.

We also started going to semi-weekly volleyball games, hosted by some friends on weekends when the weather cooperates and there is enough interest in playing. One of the best things about playing with this particular group of people is that they have a healthy sense of competition, but are also very encouraging of people (like K, for example) who are not quite as athletic. Every time we’ve played, we’ve had a great time!

You may have noticed from former posts that we are pretty big football fans here in the M&K household. Well, with the Ravens unfortunately out of the Super Bowl picture, our only recourse was to root as hard as we could against the hated Steelers. This was made easy when it turned out to be a Packers vs Steelers Super Bowl — the Packers are such an easy team to root for. On Super Bowl Sunday, we got decked out in our green and gold and headed to friends Angie and Kyle’s place for an awesome football watching party!

And what a great game it was! One of the more exciting Super Bowls we’ve seen recently, made even better by the fact that the Steelers lost. Below, witness the faces of ladies who were hardcore rooting for the Packers to win:

Drunken excitement. Oh yeah.

Oh, also — we all played a game predicting the final score of the game, and we won the pot! 25 buckaroos, baby! Oh yes. The Super Bowl party was good times.

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New Year’s Eve

Hello again! To continue to catch up to the present, let’s go back to the last day of 2010. We were lucky to be able to spend some time with an old friend of M’s who was visiting the West Coast with his girlfriend, and they invited us to join them at a New Year’s Eve party being thrown by a friend of one of their friends. (For those of you doing the math, yes, that is FOUR degrees of separation there.) Since we were still a little lacking in the San Diego friends category, we happily accepted. The party was a formal affair, so we all scrambled to find appropriate attire. I think the results were quite acceptable!

The party was a great success: we met so many terrific new people it was almost overwhelming! There was yummy food, a plethora of drink options, and semi-drunken dancing to celebrate 2010 and ring in 2011. Plus, spoiler alert, K met a new friend who ended up being her ticket to her new job!! We still can’t quite believe that serendipitous coincidence (but we’ll take it)!

There’s K with her new friend Angie, who helped her get her new job!

Happy 2011 (now that it’s February, haha)!

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