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Over this past weekend, M & K went to a Hunger Games themed birthday party! Our friend Angie likes to go all out for her birthdays, and this year the date happened to coincide with the new Hunger Games movie. A big group of us went to see the movie together (it was, on the whole, terrific), and then we got dressed up in costumes for the party. The birthday girl was Katniss, and her husband colored in his beard to be Seneca Crane. M went as Haymitch, reusing his Kurt Cobain wig and really acting the part by carrying two flasks around all night. K dressed as Venia, one of Katniss’ prep team - described in the books as having aqua hair and gold tattoos. Several people showed up as citizens of the Capital, just wearing as many bright colors and outlandish things as possible, while others came as tributes, having modeled their costumes on the outfits in the movie. There was even someone who came as a tracker jacker! We had a great time, as we always do when spending time with friends. And K was pretty proud of her costume and makeup, when all was said and done!

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Best Picture Showcase 2012

Last year, K’s friend Christy introduced her to the AMC Theatres Best Picture Showcase: every year, select AMC theatres around the country host marathon viewings of all of the Oscar nominees for Best Picture. There is the all-in-one option, a nearly 24-hour venture that packs all of the nominees into “one day” at the movies, and then there is the slightly more reasonable two-day version, which takes place over the two Saturdays before the Academy Awards. Last year, a big group of us went to one of the two days from the latter version. This year, a smaller group of us decided to go to both days, seeing all nine of the nominees.

On February 18th, K had to go to a work function from 9:30am until noon, missing the first half of the first movie, War Horse, but stuck it out for the rest of them: Moneyball (which was terrific), The Tree of Life (strange but beautiful - so strange that Christy and her mom bailed on it, but K was glad to have stuck it out in the end), and The Descendents (one of our collective favorites, and by far the favorite from that day). On February 25th, we enjoyed Hugo first, then skipped out on The Help since we had all seen it before. After our long lunch break, we headed back to the theatre with our fancy Showcase lanyards and our cozy blankets to watch Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (gut-wrenching and well-done, in K’s opinion), The Artist (another group favorite and well-deserving of the awards it took home the following day), and finally, Midnight in Paris (another weird one which K liked a lot more than Christy did). 

After seeing all of the movies, watching the Oscars together was a lot of fun! We met at our friend Angie’s house, made friendly bets on the winners, and had delicious food and champagne while we watched the awards ceremony. Not a bad tradition to establish for ourselves, all told!

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