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September 2011: Blackout, Beerfest, & Ball Games

Early September involved lots of good times hanging around San Diego with friends. On September 8th, a freak accident in Yuma knocked out power in all of San Diego County and beyond, not to mention parts of Arizona and even Mexico. K was lucky and managed to get home before the traffic became unmanageable - M was not so fortunate. Even so, our friends Christy and Danny ended up coming over to take advantage of our outdoor pool until it got dark and then hang out in our candlelit apartment playing card games, and we actually had a pretty good blackout.

Thankfully, the power did come back on (although our backup plan had been Disneyland for the day if work was cancelled, so we were a teensy bit bummed when the power hummed on at 10:30pm). The next day was the 17th Annual Festival of Beer in downtown San Diego, the same BeerFest we enjoyed last fall, except this year we were volunteering for the first half of the festival, tasting for the last half. Oh yeah, and this year a big group of our friends were there too! We volunteered for a brewery called Indian Wells Brewing Company, based up near Death Valley, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that, after *somewhat illegally* sampling the beers they were offering, we could proudly beckon the tasters over to our booth! They had brought kegs of their Mojave Red and their Death Valley Pale Ale, and we really liked both of them.

After a few hours of pouring, it was finally time for us to do our own tasting!

That weekend was also the first (official) Ravens game of the season, and we went to our favorite local bar with some of our favorite people decked out in our favorite color and had a blast cheering on our team.

Speaking of sports, the next week we chanced into some tickets to a Padres game through M’s company, and so we enjoyed what turned out to be our last baseball game of the season. It was a win, which is always a fun time!

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