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Now that we’re nearly three full months behind again, I suppose it’s time to catch up on our 2012 adventures thus far. Barely a week after the new year dawned, we were already running our first 5K of the year - San Diego’s Resolution Run. With this run, we also kicked off what is beginning to look like our year of health and fitness. We have officially signed up to run the Disneyland Half Marathon in September, so we’ve been training (or, well, pre-training) for that. We’ve also been adjusting our eating habits and adding some weight training to our regimen. And we’ve both lost some weight since that first 5K! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

January also marked the end of our Super Bowl hopes, sadly. On one sad day, we watched the Ravens and the 49ers both lose - and instantly became Giants fans for the rest of the season! Ah well. There’s always next season. (Is it next season yet?)

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On December 18th, our beloved Ravens came to San Diego to play the Chargers. We were able to get tickets, and two of our friends from Maryland, Alex and Katie, joined us for a long weekend of (mostly) fun events (minus the football game itself, which was rather horrible). We took them to some of our favorite restaurants, and of course to the Zoo. They got to experience epic San Diego mist, as well as delicious San Diego craft beer from several of our favorite breweries. And then there was the game. Well, the pre-gaming at Playa Grill was fun! As was the tailgate in the stadium parking lot! The awful loss was not fun, but at least we were able to mourn with friends.

As always, we were thrilled to have friends come to visit! And hey - the Ravens are scheduled for a rematch with the Chargers next season, so maybe we can do it again, the right way!

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Sarah & Reed in San Diego!

Last month we were treated to our friends Sarah and Reed visiting with us for a long weekend - it was the first time we’d seen them in over a year and we were definitely overdue for some hangout time! Their visit was a perfect blend of a romantic vacation for the two of them and fun times all together, as they toured and explored on their own while we were at work, but we all did something fun in the evenings and over the weekend.

Sarah and Reed arrived on a Thursday morning, and headed straight for the San Diego Zoo for a full day there. That night, since they were exhausted and we didn’t want to be out too late on a work night, we stayed in and enjoyed a feast from a local gourmet food truck, Devilicious. Sarah and Reed are both foodies and were very interested in sampling as much local fare as they could fit, so a local food truck that was literally parked right next to our apartment building definitely fit the bill! Especially considering Devilicious was one of the featured trucks on The Great Food Truck Race. It’s famous!

Friday Sarah and Reed explored several beaches, including Coronado, in sudden heavy fog and mist that lasted all day long and into the night, ruining our plans for a sunset viewing. Instead, we went to Old Town and shared our favorite Mexican place Cafe Coyote with our friends. It was a hit!

Saturday morning we took ourselves and the puppies to Balboa Park for a nice long walk along the Prado. It was a beautiful morning for it, and of course you never know what might be going on in the Park on any given weekend - this particular day it was a walk for kids with Down Syndrome and hundreds of people had turned out for it! We witnessed part of the festivities at Spreckels Organ Pavilion and even got caught up in the walk itself for a little ways. It was inspiring!

Saturday afternoon we parted ways for a while; M & K went to a wedding while Sarah and Reed joined a group of San Diego Clemson fans to watch the football game. The next morning, Sarah and Reed cooked all of us an amazing breakfast/brunch, and then we split up again - this time the girls headed to Orfila Winery for a tasting while the guys went to our favorite watering hole to catch the Ravens game. (Each pair was convinced they had the better deal… but just take a look at the view the girls had!)

That night, we all went to La Jolla in hopes of the sunset we didn’t get to see on Friday night, and we were rewarded with a lovely evening on the cliffs. Later, we grabbed dinner at one of the places Sarah and Reed wanted to try, a seafood place near Little Italy that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and it was delicious!

Monday was the last full day Sarah and Reed had in San Diego, so they filled their day with more touring (and some shopping!) before dinner at In-N-Out and our epic last night together: Reed had gotten all of us tickets to see the Foo Fighters in concert at Viejas Arena at UCSD!

Oh, man, the Foo Fighters put on a great show. Even the fact that we were out past one on a work night didn’t deter us from having an amazing time. It was a great way for Sarah and Reed’s visit to go out with a bang!

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K goes to Alabama

About a month ago (this blog is only one month behind now! one month!), K took a quick weekend trip to Tuscaloosa to visit her brother Michael at school. As fate would have it, that weekend turned out to be the University of Alabama’s Homecoming weekend as well, which meant not only did K get to take in her first epic Crimson Tide football game, but there were extra festivities all weekend long!

K got in really late on that Friday night and didn’t really get a chance to have dinner, so the first thing she and Michael did was to hit up a local sushi place for their “midnight sushi” deals. We had a great time catching up and eating delicious food, and then we pretty much went straight to sleep when we got home - we wanted to have plenty of energy for the next day. Saturday morning, we had breakfast with one of Michael’s best friends, Brittany, and her sister, and K got to meet their golden retriever pup Allie Bama (ha, ha - get it??). Allie reminded K a LOT of Indiana. She’s a sweet pup, an unlikely purebred rescue dog from a litter which found itself with no prospects right after the April tornadoes.

Michael and Brittany clearly dote on her, and she’s (fairly) well-trained. Naturally she quickly found her way into K’s heart.

After breakfast, we all went down to the heart of campus. We wandered around the quad and through the streets where some of the frat and sorority houses are, and K admired the epic pomping of the homecoming floats - amazing how much more you can do when your sorority is the size of a large high school’s graduating class…! (K did not go to a large university.)

We watched the Homecoming Parade from the steps of Denny Chimes, as Michael and his friends gave a play-by-play of the various sororities and academic fraternities taking part in the procession (“they’re pretty nice” “they’re the potheads” “the law school always gets completely wasted the night before and stays out right until they show up for the parade, look there they are, yep totally gone”). It was most entertaining.

Finally it was time to head to the stadium… well over two hours in advance, of course, to ensure us good seats in the student section. We entertained ourselves with card games, conversation, and laughter, and then at long last, the highly anticipated GAME TIME!

The Crimson Tide dominated, naturally. It was pure fun to stand in the student section for the entire game, to learn the songs and chants from Michael in the moments before we shouted them, to scream ourselves hoarse as we cheered our team to victory! In short, it was the college football experience K never had and would have loved - it was awesome.

The next day, K’s flight wasn’t until the evening, so we had most of the day to hang out. Michael and K went to brunch together at a diner Michael frequents, and Michael gave K the driving tour of campus, showing off his first dorm room and some of his favorite campus spots. We then spent some time wandering around the river walk just down the road from the university. The river was clearly one of Michael and Brittany’s favorite places to take Allie to play, and K enjoyed being a part of that fun for an afternoon.

All too soon, it was time for K to leave. (And she had a heck of a time getting home, through a debacle of cancelled flights, last-minute last-ditch efforts, both horrendous and amazing customer service, and finally several glasses of flight-wine, but she did, finally, get home.) We’re hoping that both M & K will get the chance to visit next fall so that we can all catch a football game together!

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Fall Football

This fall, we are blessed with an overabundance of places to watch our Ravens! (Never mind the sad performance we’ve had with some of our games this season.) One of those places earlier this season was our friends’ house. Our friends Angie and Kyle have NFL ticket and even invited Indy and Guinness over to watch the game with us! We had mimosas, and chips and salsa and margaritas, and a completely great time.

Go Ravens!

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September 2011: Blackout, Beerfest, & Ball Games

Early September involved lots of good times hanging around San Diego with friends. On September 8th, a freak accident in Yuma knocked out power in all of San Diego County and beyond, not to mention parts of Arizona and even Mexico. K was lucky and managed to get home before the traffic became unmanageable - M was not so fortunate. Even so, our friends Christy and Danny ended up coming over to take advantage of our outdoor pool until it got dark and then hang out in our candlelit apartment playing card games, and we actually had a pretty good blackout.

Thankfully, the power did come back on (although our backup plan had been Disneyland for the day if work was cancelled, so we were a teensy bit bummed when the power hummed on at 10:30pm). The next day was the 17th Annual Festival of Beer in downtown San Diego, the same BeerFest we enjoyed last fall, except this year we were volunteering for the first half of the festival, tasting for the last half. Oh yeah, and this year a big group of our friends were there too! We volunteered for a brewery called Indian Wells Brewing Company, based up near Death Valley, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that, after *somewhat illegally* sampling the beers they were offering, we could proudly beckon the tasters over to our booth! They had brought kegs of their Mojave Red and their Death Valley Pale Ale, and we really liked both of them.

After a few hours of pouring, it was finally time for us to do our own tasting!

That weekend was also the first (official) Ravens game of the season, and we went to our favorite local bar with some of our favorite people decked out in our favorite color and had a blast cheering on our team.

Speaking of sports, the next week we chanced into some tickets to a Padres game through M’s company, and so we enjoyed what turned out to be our last baseball game of the season. It was a win, which is always a fun time!

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Go Pack!

The first few weeks of February saw good times with new friends. First, K enjoyed a laid-back girls’ night of the kind she hadn’t had since, well, high school: complete with brownies, bruschetta, and all sorts of other tasty treats, and of course plenty of girl talk! Oh, and wine. Can’t forget the wine.

That’s K with new friend Jamie, who is apparently enjoying K’s silly faces as she chows down on yummy snacks.

We also started going to semi-weekly volleyball games, hosted by some friends on weekends when the weather cooperates and there is enough interest in playing. One of the best things about playing with this particular group of people is that they have a healthy sense of competition, but are also very encouraging of people (like K, for example) who are not quite as athletic. Every time we’ve played, we’ve had a great time!

You may have noticed from former posts that we are pretty big football fans here in the M&K household. Well, with the Ravens unfortunately out of the Super Bowl picture, our only recourse was to root as hard as we could against the hated Steelers. This was made easy when it turned out to be a Packers vs Steelers Super Bowl — the Packers are such an easy team to root for. On Super Bowl Sunday, we got decked out in our green and gold and headed to friends Angie and Kyle’s place for an awesome football watching party!

And what a great game it was! One of the more exciting Super Bowls we’ve seen recently, made even better by the fact that the Steelers lost. Below, witness the faces of ladies who were hardcore rooting for the Packers to win:

Drunken excitement. Oh yeah.

Oh, also — we all played a game predicting the final score of the game, and we won the pot! 25 buckaroos, baby! Oh yes. The Super Bowl party was good times.

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Halloween this year was a much more subdued affair for M & K than usual. Because K’s birthday is so close to the holiday, we usually throw/attend Halloween parties — but this year, we really don’t know that many people well enough to do so. Plus, K landed a babysitting job (hey, it’s extra cash) on Saturday night, which was the evening that most festivities were going on. (Apparently even trick-or-treating. Not that it happened in our apartment complex anyway. We didn’t get a single kid. Sad.)

SO, all of that to say, we didn’t have big plans for this year. When M found out he could get tickets to the Chargers game, we decided we’d go — in costume! Obviously the name of the game was cheap-costumes-we-can-make-at-home: behold our cleverness.

K went as a shot in the dark:

And M went as a facebook status:

See??? So clever. (No one got it. No one.)

Anyway, we had a great time at the game — in no small part because while we were rooting for the new home team, we didn’t actually care that much if they lost! Very nice to be able to enjoy a good football game without feeling like the outcome will ruin your day/week/life.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

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Are you ready for some football??

Because we are! 

That’s us at the margarita bar we’ve been going to pretty regularly since we’ve been here. They have this whole NFL package thing, so they might be one of the only places nearby that will actually be able to show Ravens games for us. Even though it’s still preseason, we were excited about watching the Ravens/Skins game on Saturday afternoon with a friend who is a Skins fan. Friendly rivalry and all that. So we headed over all decked out in our purple Flacco jerseys, and ordered some drinks and appetizers while the manager went to put the game on.

But he couldn’t.

Apparently their game package doesn’t actually start until the regular season, and the Ravens game wasn’t available here on the west coast. Our Skins fan friend decided not to even come by, since the game wasn’t on, so we ended up just watching other football and having cheap happy hour food and drink, and getting updates from M’s family about the game. It was still fun — but we are definitely looking forward to regular season when we can actually head over, claim a tv, and watch the game we came for!

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Yo Quiero Una Jersey!

As soon as M said that we were walking to tonight’s “surprise”, K began to suspect, and sure enough – we had tickets to the Chargers vs Bears preseason game! 

San Diego’s pro football team is the Chargers, who play in Qualcomm Stadium, which is a little over a mile from our apartment. So close that our entire parking lot is full of signs that say “NO STADIUM PARKING” in big letters! Luckily, this means that when we want to go to a game, we don’t have to worry about the nasty stadium traffic (or scrambling for a reasonably priced parking spot). We can just take a 25-minute walk and we’re there! (While we were walking over, this adorable little boy passed us with his dad and yelled “Papa! Yo quiero una jersey!” It made us laugh. Hence the title of this post.)

The nearly 45-year-old stadium, also known as “The Q”, is an impressive sight. In addition to the Chargers, it also plays host to the San Diego State Aztecs, and even used to double as the baseball field for the Padres before their new ballpark was built. This made it the only stadium ever to host both the Super Bowl and the World Series in the same year in 1998. Pretty cool, huh? 

There are escalators to take fans up to the top level, where our seats were for this game.

(That’s us on the escalator, above.) We got to the stadium right at game time, and had to hurry to find our seats so we could watch the kickoff! We had a terrific view of the field.

Even though preseason games aren’t as exciting as the real thing, it was still a fun game to watch. K learned a lot about the team, and will hopefully retain some of that knowledge in the weeks and months to come…! The Chargers beat the Bears 25-10, so we were able to celebrate our newly adopted team’s victory at the end of a terrific day. Go Bolts!

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