M & K in San Diego

the west coast adventures of two east coast kids

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K’s brother Michael was here for a week, and the only sad part was that K didn’t have enough vacation time to take any days off to hang out with him.

Until…! K had worked a lot of overtime the week before, and at the last minute she was granted the ability to put that toward vacation time instead of extra pay! Suddenly she was able to take Friday off entirely, so naturally, we decided to go BACK to Disneyland. Bookending Michael’s spring break with trips to Disney ain’t half bad, after all.

We had a great time - got there early, left late, rode tons of rides. There were definitely two main highlights to the day. First, we got stuck on Space Mountain! Right at the end of the ride, it suddenly stopped and the lights all came on, revealing a somewhat creepy, warehouse-like structure that looked a whole lot less cool with the lights on. But how often do you get to see the inside of a ride like that?? K whipped out her camera and took lots of pictures while we waited to get going again. Once a cast member verified that all our harnesses were still on, we finished the ride, at speed, with the lights on. They even took our picture like always! AND, they let us ride it again right away. It was pretty awesome.

The second highlight was seeing World of Color at California Adventure. Michael was blown away by the amazing effects, and K loved seeing it again - it had been a long time. The show is just gorgeous, and it was great to share it with someone who hadn’t seen it before.

Sadly, Michael had to head back to Alabama on Saturday morning, so we missed out on having a weekend with him. But we’re hoping he’ll find a job out here for the summer, in which case many more Disney trips (and weekends) are in store for us!

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